Other Articles about Using Mobile Devices in Science Education

  • Angela M. Kelly "Teaching Newton's Laws with the iPod Touch in Conceptual Physics", The Physics Teacher 49, 202 (April 2011). Lists several simple physics simulations available for iPod and iPad.
  • E. G. Falcao Jr., R. A. Gomes, J. M. Pereira, L. F. S. Coelho, and A. C. F. Santos, "Cellular phones helping to get a clearer picture of kinematics," The Physics Teacher 47, 167-168 (March 2009). A cell phone picture of the arc of a stream of water is analyzed as projectile motion.
  • C. Villa, "Bell-jar demonstration using cell phones," The Physics Teacher 47, 59 (Jan. 2009).
  • Dave Van Domelen, "Teaching light polarization with cell phones," The Physics Teacher 45, 469 (Nov. 2007). The LCD display on some cell phones is polarized in a particular direction which can be determined using a polarizer filter.
  • E. C. Hammond and Meron Assefa, "Cell phones in the classroom," The Physics Teacher 45, 312 (May 2007). Pictures of magnetic fields are taken and examined.